Attacks on Firefighters must end!

Public Safety Minister, Michael McGimpsey said today that attacks on emergency workers are putting lives in danger.

Over the last year, there were a total of 33 attacks on firefighters and six were injured. In addition, just under £16,000 was spent repairing vehicles and equipment as a result of attacks.

The Minister said:

“Attacks on firefighters and other emergency and healthcare workers are all too common and are completely unacceptable. Every day, emergency workers put their lives on the line to protect our communities. The people who carry out these cowardly attacks should realise that their actions carry the very real risk that lives could be lost as a result. Vital emergency services can be disrupted.”

“I would ask the perpetrators of this violence to think about the consequences of their actions before engaging in this criminal behaviour. They may one day need the help of those emergency services themselves.”

“I am encouraged that the number of attacks on firefighters has fallen over the last few years. However, they are still too high. It is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that staff in the emergency services should be able to go about their vital work without fear of being assaulted. I would appeal to parents of young people in particular to help their children understand the issues involved.”

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