Michael McGimpsey asks the public to stay safe and secure over Christmas

Michael McGimpsey, Ulster Unionist Assembly Member for South Belfast is endorsing the PSNI message to the public to stay safe during the Christmas period.

Speaking today Michael McGimpsey said;

“Christmas is a time for celebration and fun, but we must remember not to get carried away and forget about common sense. Christmas is a tempting time for criminals attempting to steal, commit fraud and break into homes.”

“I join the PSNI in asking everyone to remember these tips to keep safe and help prevent crime;”

  • Out and about
    • Never, ever drink and drive! Take a taxi or organize a lift if you plan to drink. Leave yourself enough money to get home safely.
    • Drink responsibly, always stay with your friends and tell them where you are going.
    • Do not accept drinks from strangers and always be aware of where your drink is.
    • Be alert to the possibility of a thief snatching your handbag/purse, mobile phone or MP3 player. Make sure you feel safe before making cash withdrawals from an ATM.
  • Secure at home
    • If you are going away over Christmas, ask friends and family to check on your house regularly.
    • Always park in well-lit areas.
    • Do not leave valuables and presents on display in your car.
    • Always ask callers to your house you do not know for Identification. If you are not satisfied they are a legitimate caller, do not let them in!
    • Do not leave gifts on display
    • Always remember to lock all doors and windows before you go out or go to bed. Set your house alarm if you have one.

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