Delight at start to Annadale kitchen replacements

South Belfast Assembly Member Michael McGimpsey and Councillor Michelle Bostock have been lobbying the Department of Social Development for a number of years to secure a kitchen replacement scheme for Annadale flats. Michael hosted the then DSD Minister Margaret Ritchie in a visit to the flats in summer 2010 in order for her to see first hand the ageing kitchen facilities residents had to endure.

Michael commented;

“I am delighted that the kitchen replacement scheme I have campaigned for is finally underway. Residents have had to live with outdated and substandard kitchen arrangements that were originally installed in the 1960’s. Many of the tired kitchens are in a poor state of repair and even unsafe for families to prepare food in. I am delighted that residents will no longer have to struggle with decrepit storage and preparation areas.”

“I will continue to work with local residents and Councillor Michelle Bostock in discussions with DSD to address further improvements including a bathroom replacement scheme, replacement of flat roofs and addressing security issues on the communal landing area for Annadale Flats.”

Councillor Bostock adds;

“I am delighted that the kitchen replacement scheme in Annadale Flats is finally underway.  I have campaigned alongside Michael McGimpsey for some time for investment in the infrastructure of the flats and am pleased that this is finally starting to happen.  However there is still a great deal of work to be done to the flats as outlined by Michael McGimpsey.”

“In conclusion Councillor Bostock said, I will continue to work closely with Michael McGimpsey and the local community to ensure there is real investment in Annadale Flats to improve quality of life and living conditions of residents.”

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