McGimpsey comments on McKinsey Report

Health Minister and South Belfast Ulster Unionist candidate, Michael McGimpsey, has responded to recent comment regarding the McKinsey Report.

This report was produced by McKinsey and company through the Health and Social Care Board. This work was undertaken to show how the health and social care service might potentially adapt to the new, much more challenging financial environment.

The Minister said:

“The health and social care service is facing challenging times, not least trying to deliver high quality services within a limited budget and with ever increasing demand.

“The report also states that the growing demand for care, inflating costs and constraints in the growth of spend could result in a significant shortfall in funding by 2014/15 if health and social care continues to be provided in the same way as now.

“The McKinsey report also sets out a range of proposals which suggest how the HSC could move forward and points to the need to improve productivity and quality. It is essential that the HSC continues to do this, but it must be on a realistic and well-planned basis. While I agree with some of the ideas put forward in this report, there are many proposals which I cannot support and which I believe the public will also find unacceptable.

I will not be implementing any of these proposals as there are a lot which are unacceptable.”

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