McGimpsey and Bostock condemn viable device in Annadale

South Belfast Ulster Unionist Assembly candidate Michael McGimpsey and Councillor Michelle Bostock have condemned those who left a viable device attached to a stile at the top of a path leading to the Lagan River near the Annadale Embankment.

The device is suspected to lure police officers to the scene of an apparent female in distress and has resulted in a road closure from Mornington Place to Wellington Square whilst police carry out searches for further devices.

In a statement Michael McGimpsey said, “I utterly condemn those who recklessly left this device in a deliberate attempt to harm and potentially kill police officers or members of the public.  We are very lucky today that the speedy actions of the PSNI who discovered the device prevented injuries or fatalities.  Without such action we could have been looking at a very different situation.”

Mr McGimpsey continued, “The perpetrators have no place in our society.  The people of South Belfast and Northern Ireland want to live in peace as demonstrated by the public outcry after the tragic murder of PSNI Officer, Ronan Kerr only two weeks ago.  There are those who wish to drag us back into the dark days of the troubles but we must not let them.

Councillor Bostock said, “I would like to pay tribute to the police and army personnel who worked to protect the lives and well being the public walking in and around this area.  This was a despicable act by people determined to cause death and destruction on our streets.  It is yet again causing problems to traffic in Belfast which causes inconvenience and frustration to commuters.  These people and their actions must be condemned.”

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