McGimpsey calls for accommodation at the new Ulster campus

I support and welcome the news that the University of Ulster is formally submitting a planning application for a £250m development, built around the existing campus in York Street. This new campus will house the 15,000 full-time and part-time students and staff who are already based at Jordanstown and Belfast.
Education is critical to any economy and the University of Ulster should be commended for their plans. However, while they say that the provision of student accommodation is in the pipeline, the plans should not proceed without adequate provision for both new and existing students.
For example, the population of the Holy Lands is made up of 60% University of Ulster students, 28% Queen’s University students, with the remaining 12% residents and other students. With such a large percentage of University of Ulster students; the present state of the Holy Lands is not simply a University of Ulster problem and therefore the onus should be on them to lead the way in providing a lasting solution. The new development is the perfect opportunity for them to provide one, rather than compounding the problem for local citizens.

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