McGimpsey calls on Queen’s to dispense with their plans for Sans Souci

Last Friday, I met with the Queen’s University Pro-Vice Chancellor, Prof Tony Gallagher, to explain why I and local citizens are opposed to any planning application for a new development of student accommodation in Sans Souci. Put simply; the lifestyle of Sans Souci residents is not compatible with the lifestyle of students.
Education is critical to any economy and while we appreciate the positive impact of Queen’s University on Belfast South, we are reminded of the real and potential impact that could be caused by continuing with their plans.
I commend Queen’s University in seeking to alleviate the burden that the Holy Lands, Sans Souci and other areas shoulder; but a new development in Sans Souci will only serve to acerbate and compound their burden.
I also commend Queen’s University for reaching out to local communities, including its work in the afterschools club in Sandy Row. Queen’s University should continue to build on this work by engendering local citizens to feel ownership of and aspire to study at Queen’s University.

One thought on “McGimpsey calls on Queen’s to dispense with their plans for Sans Souci

  1. Michael many thanks for your continuing support for the plight of Sans Souci residents – if only all our politicians showed as much concern. We totally reject the development of 240 more bed units threatening our beleaguered community in this restricted space. There are already 2,500 student bed places on our doorstep in Queen’s Elms.

    For sustainable high quality student accommodation, re-generate the vacant Queen’s properties in Upper and Lower Crescent, University Road, Mount Charles, and Malone Road, and give employment to local tradesmen and women.

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