McGimpsey welcomes progress with flood prevention in the Upper Lisburn Road area

Ulster Unionist Assembly Member for South Belfast, Michael McGimpsey has welcomed the work done to date on reducing the risk of flooding in the Upper Lisburn Road area including Sicily Park where major flooding occurred last summer.

His comments follow a meeting with the Regional Development Minister, Danny Kennedy where he received an update from the Minister and Northern Ireland Water officials on work done to date and future plans to alleviate the risk of flooding in the wider area.

In a statement Mr McGimpsey said, “I was very pleased to hear of the work already completed in the area to ensure water culverts are clear and working as they should.  I believe this will help greatly to keep water moving and prevent the scenes we saw last year where houses and businesses in the area were inundated.”

“While this remedial work is welcome more significant for residents and business owners in the area is the news that the £3 million project to serve the Sicily Park, Marguerite Park, and Greystown Park areas is due to begin in the next financial year (2013/14).  When completed this will completely modernise the sewerage system for the area allowing it to cope better with the demands placed on it by the modern urban environment.”

“The wider Glenmachen Street Sewerage Project that will serve the wider Upper Lisburn Road/Finaghy, Bog Meadows and Upper Falls is expected to start in 2015.”

“In conclusion Mr McGimpsey said, “I welcome the progress made to date with this issue but will be following it closely to ensure there is no slippage as local residents cannot be expected to endure the uncertainty and fear of flooding that they have had to over the past number of years.”

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