McGimpsey condemns further attempts to bring Northern Ireland back to its dark and bleak history.

Ulster Unionist Assembly Member for South Belfast Michael McGimpsey has condemned the actions of those who placed a bomb in Kilburn Street in the Village area of South Belfast late last night. McGimpsey has accused the action as being another attempt by unrepresentative individuals to place the lives of innocent people in danger and return Northern Ireland back to its dark days.

Army bomb disposal experts carried out a controlled explosion on what police described as a “viable explosive device,” late last night in the Village area where many local residents were evacuated from their homes for a number of hours.

In a statement, Mr. McGimpsey said, “The actions of the individuals responsible for placing any viable or hoax bomb is repulsive. They are achieving absolutely nothing in an attempt to take us back to an undesirable time in our history with this disgraceful promotion of violence. They have shown a total disregard for the life and well-being of many innocent men, women and children. We must not allow such intolerable individuals space in which to provide these horrific acts of intimidation within our modern society and I urge anyone with any information to report it to the PSNI immediately.”

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